Countersys has a proven track record of assisting both Fortune 500 and government clients with their information assurance goals and objectives!

Countersys is highly adept in the the capacities of Certification & Accreditation, Software as a Service, Vulnerability Assessments, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery, Business Continuity, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Security within the System/Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Countersys’  technical expert disciplines include Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Encryption Methodologies & Governmental Compliance, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Cloud Computing, Citrix, and other Windows and Unix remote access solutions.

A partial listing of Countersys’ customers include the following Federal Government and Private Sector organizations:

Private Sector:
Nortel Networks | | Office Depot | Wal-Mart | Black Rock Media | Intellidwelling LLC | Southbank FSB | United States Soap Corporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation | Norfolk State University | Architect of the Capitol | US Department of Defense | US Department of Labor | US Deparement of Homeland Security | Other Agencies

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